types of stress

Types Of Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life and no matter how much you run away from it, it chases you without retreat. Stress is the main cause of many diseases and illnesses in humans. Combating stress has become the need of the day to help you cope with stress and not allow it to overtake your life. It is important to know more about the types of stress that affect you and your loved ones so that you are aware of the right steps to take when it affects you.
There are four different types and they are classified into:

  • Eustress
  • Distress
  • Hyperstress and
  • Hypostress

The above four types of stress have been discussed and are described below:

Eustress: Contrary to the popular belief that stress has negative effects for our body this type of stress is not negative but very positive for the human body. This type of stress gives the human body the energy that is required for the body to perform better. Known as the motivating stress this healthy stress is required for every human being to perform better in both the personal and the professional field. A common example of eustress is the feeling of nervousness that makes you get the energy required to perform better in any field.

Distress: This type of stress is the negative stress that makes you sick or ill. Distress can be caused because of any reason and in cases of acute distress it becomes harmful to you. Severe distress is also popularly known as chronic stress and a victim of this type of stress requires stress management techniques and consultation to help him/her cope with it.

Hyperstress: Hyperstress is that kind of stress that pushes a person to the ultimate stress limits that he/she can endure. This may happen in the workplace or during pregnancy. This type of stress affects the person and it can also result in regular mood swings, burnout and crying frequently.

Hypostress: This type of stress is not popularly known and many people are not aware of it. This stress commonly surfaces when a person is bored or is de-motivated. The common symptoms of the above stress are depression and the loss of creativity.

Thus, from the above it is evident that these types, with the exception of eustress, can be fatal for a person if not indentified and addressed with the right stress management technique on time. It is wise to act fast so that stress does not overtake your life and make you unhappy.

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