teenage stress

Teenage stress symptoms

The teenage years of a person is encountered with stress and tensions and the bad news is that the level of teenage stress has increased in the recent decades. Being unable to cope with responsibilities and new experiences many teenagers are unable to balance the physical and emotional sides of life that result into stress. This leads to a number of health problems and at the same time acute depression. Teenage stress is a matter of grave concern and it is important for you to know more about it if you are dealing with teenagers or are the parents of one.

Teenagers are very sensitive and when you are combated with the issue of teenage stress you must ensure that you handle it with care. There are many reasons that can be attributed to teenage stress and some of them can include personal problems, family discord, divorce of parents, the death of a parent or close relative, academic pressure, and many more other stressors. What parents and guardians very often fail to note that these teenagers are unable to understand how to cope with stress and this leads to many physical and emotional ailments. It is very important for the parents to identify the reasons for the stress and at the same time ensure that the teenager is counseled and treated properly.

The major symptoms that you can associate with a teenager when stressed is the lack of energy and the feeling of uneasiness. Teenage stress can also result in frequent urination and at the same time it can also lead shortness of breath as well as dizziness that is not associated with the physical exertion of the body. Many teenagers during teenage stress also experience tightness in the chest and that also may escalate into severe pain if not addressed on time. It is very important for the parent and the guardian to know more about the stress symptoms of the teenager so that he/she can be guided and counseled before it is too late. It is best for you to act as a friend to the teenager so that you are aware of the above symptoms and are able to take the correct measures for addressing them.

Teenage stress is not a problem if it is handle on time and professionally. It is very important for you to be caring and compassionate when you are combating the issue of teenage stress so that your teenager can successfully cope up with the stress and lead a better life.

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