stress statistics

Stress Statistics

stress statisticsWe all face stress at some point in our lives. However our definition or incidence of stress may vary from individual to individual. For one person it a stressful situation could be when he is made to speak in public while for another person it could be workplace tension that can trigger stress response in his body. Stress in limited dozes might be beneficial as it may induce better performance from the person undergoing stress but it can have detrimental effect if it prolongs. Long term stress increases the risk of heart diseases, depression and a whole array of other problems. It can also lead to PTSD i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that is stress related illness that develops after an incident such as physical or sexual assault, natural disaster or even war.

Some stress statistics:

As per a latest survey conducted in New York in 2007, stress levels in youth in America are rising to alarming rates leading to health problems, decline in productivity at work and poor relationships. The survey points out that almost one-third of the population are victims of high stress and nearly 50 percent of Americans believe that this level has increased in the past few years. The new national survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that money and work continue are the chief causes of stress for about 75 percent of the population, a big jump from the 59 percent that was reported for the same just a year back in 2006. The increasing cost of housing is another added stressor. According to the survey housing crisis is affecting a significant chunk of the population with more than half (51 percent) of Americans citing mortgage and rent costs as sources of stress.

Almost 51 percent of the surveyed Americans feel that this rising level of stress is impacting both their personal and professional lives in a detrimental manner.  About one third of the working population faces difficulty managing and juggling between work and family responsibilities. They also cite that their job interferes with their family or personal life to a large extent triggering a high level of stress. It has caused more than 54 percent of Americans to fight with those who are close to them. Surprisingly one in every four feels that they have been separated from family members and friends because of stress. Divorce and separation have also been connected to rising stress levels in about 8 percent of Americans.

Stress levels continue to escalate and affect each and every aspect of lives of people in America, from personal to professional bringing changes in their eating habits, sleeping patterns and overall health. Even though stress is a part f life and sometimes can have positive impact but high levels can have long term consequences

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